IT’S MY JUNE FAVOURITES (i know its late but its cool)


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My New Everyday Hijab Tutorial :)

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HERE IT IS MY (minimal to no makeup) Q&A VIDEO YAY :) b

btw no judging

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Anonymous: ok so i have a graduation ceremony in one month and idk what to wear! - something cute and sorta formal? -hijabi sista

I love me some wide legged pants, you know like the skirt pants and maybe a chiffon top OR you could always go for a formal jumpsuit 

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Anonymous: Are you ever going to be consistent with your YouTube ? Ily and your personality but you post like every couple of months . Lol

i know i know :( BUTTTT i have a q&A video that should be uploaded by tomorrow :)

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Anonymous: can you please do a summerlook book ?

hmmmmmmmm i’ll defff try my best!

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Anonymous: Do you know where I can buy any long skirts?

now-a-days they sell them anywhere and everywhere 

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laugh-anytime: Your awesome! Love your blog and your youtube channel! Keep up the good work! Official fan!!

loooooool thank you so muchhhhh <3333

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if you have any blog post ideas please send them into my inbox!!!!

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