Anonymous: ok so i have a graduation ceremony in one month and idk what to wear! - something cute and sorta formal? -hijabi sista

I love me some wide legged pants, you know like the skirt pants and maybe a chiffon top OR you could always go for a formal jumpsuit 

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Anonymous: Are you ever going to be consistent with your YouTube ? Ily and your personality but you post like every couple of months . Lol

i know i know :( BUTTTT i have a q&A video that should be uploaded by tomorrow :)

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Anonymous: can you please do a summerlook book ?

hmmmmmmmm i’ll defff try my best!

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Anonymous: Do you know where I can buy any long skirts?

now-a-days they sell them anywhere and everywhere 

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laugh-anytime-deactivated201408: Your awesome! Love your blog and your youtube channel! Keep up the good work! Official fan!!

loooooool thank you so muchhhhh <3333

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if you have any blog post ideas please send them into my inbox!!!!

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I had recently purchased this perfume for $38.17 CA plus shipping and handling on This is 50% off the retail price. Sephora sells it for $77.97. If you’re looking for a new perfume make sure you use fragrance but with many brand named perfumes.

Use the code: superdad7

For 7% off your order, if you use it let me know what you think!!

(Btw it took 2 days ….2 DAYS!!!)

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n e w   h i j a b   s t y l e 

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Best Concealer Ever


This is one of my most recent purchases and this concealer is the first concealer I found in my shade. Isn’t that crazy, I have tried many concealers they are always to light or to dark, this is the perfect shade. It doesn’t crease and if leaves me with a natural look. So far so good I give this 2 thumbs up and 5 stars.



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this includes some of my favorites for the month

1.) Avon Speed dry nail enamel in baby pink

2.) MAC mineralize skin finish in porcelain pink

3.)Beauty Blender Dupe from shoppers (soo cheap works great gives you an air brush finish)

4.) essence silky touch blush in life’s a cherry (60)

5.) Mac Blush in (idk it’s not current in my house) 

All of this have some how found it self in my everyday make up routine and for now they shall be my favourites :)

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